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Finding Food Freedom and Tackling Fear Head-On with Monique Volz

June 19, 2018
Ep 005 Blog Post
When it comes to creating healthy, flavorful recipes, Monique is a TOTAL natural, but finding food freedom hasn't been so easy. After years of struggling to find a healthy middle ground with food and fitness, she has learned what TRUE wellness means to her: "creating a healthy relationship with myself by taking care of my mind, body and soul and learning to trust my intuition." Beyond her personal development wins, Monique is also an incredible business woman who has gotten really good at facing her fears and taking leaps of faith!

In this week’s episode, we are sitting down to chat with Monique Volz of Ambitious Kitchen. Now, I’’ve been following Monique’s blog and Instagram for a few months now, and I’m so excited for you guys to get to know her because she. Is. AWESOME. Monique is a food and lifestyle blogger who is all about creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that includes a generous dose of baked goods– a woman after my own heart. On her blog, Monique is always whipping up creative recipes that include nutritious salads, drool-worthy comfort food, and like I said, LOTS of baked goodies. I’ve actually tried lots of the recipes myself, and they totally prove that healthy food can also be DELICIOUS. Aside from being creative in the kitchen, she is passionate about building a life that she loves through entrepreneurship, working out, and encouraging others to have a healthy relationship with food, which is definitely something I want to dive into today!


Cooking and baking has always been a part of Monique’s life, but she actually went to business school. Now she combines those passions with her food blog/business, Ambitious Kitchen. After years of working full-time while also working on her blog, she finally took the “leap of faith” and left her 9-5 once she realized she was “becoming more unhappy by the day” and it felt like a “chore to go to work” (4:00)


“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is not being afraid to take risks in your business and in your life” (8:00)


Monique says that a couple years ago, she didn’t have a healthy relationship with food, but “it’s really been a journey of self-discovery, and I think that everybody has to go through that” (9:45)


When it comes to finding a balanced approach to eating and fitness, we have both had to go through a lot of trial and error, but now she can say that “if I want a cookie, I’m going to have a cookie, but I also know not to overdo it because I’ve been there” (10:45)


“All food is good food– yes there are healthier choices and better-for-you options, but it’s not that you have to feel guilty because you had “this vs. this” because when you start to create that mindframe around certain types of foods… you tilt on the edge of having a disordered relationship with food” (13:45)


Through her journey of overcoming her struggles with binging and restricting, she’s found that life is about  “nourishing your body and treating it well, but have the experiences you’re meant to have. Food is pleasurable, but it’s also nourishing.” (15:00)


When it comes to finding food freedom and being less stressed about nutrition, Monique says that “you should be more in tune with your body and eat when you’re actually hungry… make sure that when you’re hungry, you’re feeding your body something” (22:00)


When it comes to her approach to social media and blogging, Monique shares a lot of personal stuff. She says that “there have been a lot of time’s when I’ve put things out there and I’ve been really scared to share stories on my blog or on Instagram, but people have an overwhelmingly positive conversation with you after” (27:00)


Monique tells us about her new business, Ambitious Home, which will sell gorgeous antique rugs (32:00)


The #GrindAndBeGrateful question (34:00)


You can find Monique  through the following links:






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