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075: 6-Keys to Hitting 6-Figures in Your Business with Marie Wold

December 11, 2019
Ep 075 Blog Post (1)

You’re listening to episode #75 of the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast and today it’s just you and me, friend! Today we’re going to chat about the 6-keys to a 6-figure business! You guys have seen me stepping more into the role of a business mentor lately, and it has absolutely been setting my soul on fire! I built a multiple 6-figure business, solely in the wellness and lifestyle space, and now I’m helping other entrepreneurs do the exact same thing– I could NOT be more excited to expand and grow into this chapter! Today we’re going to talk about how I did it, and how YOU can too! How you can hit your first 100k year if you’re an online entrepreneur! PS. I’d say these 6 principles are also keys to success for LIFE whether that’s a corporate job, a relationship, pursuing a hobby.. but we’ll be speaking about them through a lens of hitting 6-figures in your business!

The Grind & Be Grateful ACCELERATOR (3:05)


“We need to be taking action before we feel like we’re good, or something is ready, or perfect or good enough– if we let our ego take the lead we’ll stay small, safe, and sitting in safe-mode…” (12:12)

“Perfection is the enemy of progress”

“Done is better than perfect”

Key #2 – ASKING FOR HELP (12:55)

Marie’s first investment into her biz (13:55)

“We can do anything we set our minds to, but we don’t have to do it all by ourselves” (16:44)


“Who is going to miss out because you’re not sharing your gifts?”

Key #4 – GETTING INTO THE ROOM (21:10)

Being with people who are DOING what you currently want to DO


Your energy is one of your most valuable assets (25:30)

Boundaries (27:21)


“Things are not always going to be easy”

“Your business is a mirror for you”

There is no limit to the people that need help with this (35:10)

“Not pursuing your dream, not pursuing your passion because it’s ‘already saturated’ is fear-based… any field you can think of is ‘saturated!'”

There’s no one that has your story, your look, your vibe, your energy… (36:44)

Check out the Grind & Be Grateful ACCELERATOR

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