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056: What Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy, Birth + Being on The Bachelor with Liz Sandoz

July 9, 2019
Ep 056 Blog Post

Today we have an INCREDIBLE guest and a super interesting conversation, PLUS you also get to see a side of me that you maybe haven’t before… and that’s me being utterly TERRIFIED of something… and that thing is pregnancy and motherhood. I know that SO many women feel like being a mom is very much a calling of theirs and comes naturally to them, but I also know that there are a LOT of women out there who are a FULL BODY NO, or maybe, are like me and think “maybe someday”, but definitely not right now. Regardless of what category you fall into, you’re going to get SO much out of this episode, because we have Liz Presta with us today and she is a birth doula who specializes in helping women feel prepared and empowered in pregnancy and in birth itself. As women, I think that this stuff is SO important to talk about because whether you decide you want to have 7 kids or 0, you can make an INFORMED and empowered decision, right? We ALSO talked about societal pressures we feel as women, our personal struggles with body image and self-worth, and I truly think that every woman who listens to this episode will find our discussion relatable and healing in some way. 

A little bit more about our guest: you may remember her as Liz Sandoz from Season 21 of the Bachelor, but now she is newly married and making a difference in women’s lives all over the world as a birth doula, life coach, and podcast host! She has SO many incredible life experiences to share with us including overcoming an eating disorder, traveling the world solo, becoming a life coach, being on the Bachelor, and so much more! So whether pregnancy is in your plans for the future or not, this episode will give you some amazing new perspectives and insights into womanhood. 

The Move Nourish Shine Collective www.movenourishshine.com (3:30)

Review of the week – @mariah-riahlifts (4:33)

Rapid Fire Q&A with Liz (7:22)

Liz’s journey and story (10:45)

Travels & finding peace (13:49)

Liz’s struggle with body image (14:20)

The Bachelor (19:54)

The problem with production/editing for a story (21:22)

Liz’s marriage & honeymoon (23:01)

Midwife & Doula – What’s the difference? What do they do? (24:49)

What drew Liz to being a Doula? (30:33)

“Plans don’t always go the way that you want, so I like to call them birth wishes”

“Being proactive as a woman is important; You can never know too much.”

Labor/birth misconceptions through Hollywood & social media (34:22)

“You have to do so much work before, in order for your birth to go the way that you want”

Enhancing the experience & helping recovery (35:40)

The mile circuit & pelvic floor work (36:00)

Bringing a human into this world (39:50)

How to support friends who become pregnant and have children (40:45)

“This is your first time being a mom, this is your baby’s first time living outside of your womb, this is your partner’s first time learning how to support you… everyone is learning! It is a learning experience.”

Have open conversations (42:05)

Mental health (44:35)

Postpartum depression & anxiety (44:42)

Prenatal depression (45:33)

Transparency (48:33)

The Move Nourish Shine Collective (49:21)

Roles (53:10)

What Liz is looking forward to & nervous about within parenthood (54:03)

Liz’s upcoming goals (56:10)

“What if I don’t like my kid??” (59:46)

Liz’s advice for receiving questions about marriage or babies (1:01:05)

Showing genuine awareness & having genuine conversations (1:05:30)

Liz’s greatest life lessons (1:07:30)

“From experiencing other cultures and seeing so many other things, you learn that your problems are nothing.” (1:07:55)

“So what is that impact that you want to leave? Are you going to be somebody who shows up and loves? Or, somebody who shows up and judges?” (1:08:45)

The biggest thing that I have learned is asking moms and pregnant women, “How are you doing? How can I help you? How can I empower you through this experience?” (1:09:41)

Find more things Liz! (1:10:30)

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