Grind & Be Grateful

“Grind & Be Grateful” is more than a podcast title or catchy slogan– it’s a way of life–  and Marie Wold is here to show you the ropes. This show is created by and for ambitious women who are living proof that with hard work, and the right mindset, absolutely anything is possible.

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Who is Marie Wold?

Marie Wold is a 23 year-old health and fitness influencer, coach, and lifestyle entrepreneur, whose mission is to educate and empower women to become their best selves. Through every season of life, Marie has learned the truth about what it takes to be happy, healthy, and vibrant, and she’s committed to sharing her best secrets and strategies with YOU.

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I’m always looking for new guests for the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast! If you have someone that you think would be a great fit (including yourself!) fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!